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Tetsuya Kobayashi

(Guitarist & Vocalist)

I was born in Owase City, Mie Prefecture, in 1974.  I spent my childhood catching fish in the rice fields and sitting in the gardens of the nearby shrine.  As the wind blew through me, I would gaze out into space…and then somehow, adulthood arrived and here I am, still gazing.


As a teen, I fell in love with a bus tour guide and had the idea to write a song for her.  It was my first original piece of music, even though I couldn’t yet play the guitar!


I love playing my music all around the world.  I’m not sure exactly why, but it brings me great happiness.


My guitar of choice is a Martin OO-18.  Sometimes it feels like my guitar reaches out to the audience as a gentle breeze might; my vocals floating upon its rhythmic sounds.


I know my music will make you feel something, so come hear me play. 


I look forward to seeing you at my next gig.


''A Traveller With No Name'' - 2017

1. A Traveller With No Name

2. Wind

''The Song For Stacking Stones''-2011

1.Poster Of A Ship

2.Eyes Of A Goldfish

3.Scarecrow Joe


5.Love Song Of A Homeless

6.The Song Of Tiny Stone




3.Voice of Heart

4.Precious Time

5.Summer Song 

6.this is heaven

7.Precious Time Merci ver.

''Precious Time''-1999

1. SUPPADACA ''Naked song''


3.Ming Ming Ming

4.Precious Time


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